Project Update: Summarizing the Draft

As we near the end of the semester, the research engine is going into overdrive and things are starting to come together. I have settled on a platform to host my content, I have selected the main content, and I have begun mapping out the activities I plan to use.

Overview of topic. My final project will be an example teaching module hosted on a WordPress site. The module will be an introduction to Indigenous research methodologies with activities centered around using Indigenous sources to teach the methodology. This module will be divided into several sections. The primary sections will be an introduction page to the project, followed by an overview of Indigenous methodologies, and then a section for the activities to practice what is taught in the methodologies section. Secondary sections will include a teaching guide and resource page for instructors wishing to utilize this module in a classroom. It will possibly have a brief section discussing Indigenous research ethics.

Focus. The focus of the project is on teaching students how to understand Indigenous sources for historical research and how to utilize Indigenous methodology to articulate their understanding of the sources. Additionally, the project will provide an outline for Indigenizing historical thinking, demonstrating the applicability of Indigenous research paradigm for non-Indigenous historical sources.

Intended audience. This project is intended to be for a college undergraduate study body. Though the material is likely to be of an upper divisional nature, I am hoping to present it in a way that can be used for lower division students in an introductory manner to historical thinking and methodologies in general, but with a particular focus. Though it will be most applicable to students studying history and Native American/Indigenous studies, I think it can be used in a class teaching general research skills.

Purpose. The purpose of this project is to prepare students to think historically about research and sources, but also how to approach it from a different framework that can give them a deeper understanding of said research and sources so as to instill a respect for different cultural frameworks.

Next steps. Right now, my focus is on finishing the skeleton of my website to host the content. I am still conducting research to inform myself on how I can best present the content in an digestible manner for my intended audience and I am flushing out my activities ideas. I current have two activities drafted, but I believe these will be the last part to be actualized. I hope to have the website done by the end of this week and the content mostly populated by early next week. The activities should be completed by the time the draft is due.

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