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ta’c lĂ©ehyn (Good day). My name is Kyle Pittman and I am a descendant of the Nez Perce and Yakama Peoples from the Plateau Region of the Pacific Northwest. I grew up in Tacoma, Washington on the Puyallup Reservation. I’ve attended Bates Technical College, Northwest Indian College, and graduated with my BA from The Evergreen State College. I was previously a union carpenter’s apprentice, but now seek a career in higher education. I also help moderate the largest online public history forum known as “AskHistorians” on reddit.com.

about the blog

The purpose of this blog is to host material pertaining to my current graduate certificate coursework at George Mason University where I am studying Digital Public Humanities. Here, you will find posts about my ongoing assignments, updates on projects, and reviews of other sites. Through this online portfolio, you will also be able to access the projects I am working on or have already concluded.

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