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A brochure produced by the Bureau of Indian Affairs as part of the federal relocation strategy meant to get Indians off reservations and into the cities to encourage assimilation into American society.
Puyallup Fish Camp Mass Police Attack 9-9-1970 - Tacoma Police Department - State Patrol - Pierce County Sheriff's Office - Washington Departments of Game and of Fisheries - National Guard with Fort Lewis standby-backup Illegally Take Down Indian…

12 Min. Video of Protests and Arrests at Budd Inlet (Sept. 1968; notable Billy Frank, Jr., Frankie Mounts, and Ray McCloud Sr.); Temple of Justice Rallies in Olympia; Buffy Sainte Marie's visit and impromptu new song in tribute to treaty Indian…
Ending Still Shots Show Effects upon Indian Children, Women and Men when the Police Power of a State is Directed at Divesting the People of Their Sacred Treaty Rights and Their Basic Dignity in Being When Committed to An Ancestral Life Promised Full…


Turtle describes her childhood in Seattle and her perception of race relations in Seattle during the late 1960s and early 1970s. She provides a memory of when her family encountered racism directed toward them.

Excerpt from interview with Joseph Utzler where he describes his experience growing up in Seattle as an American Indian and his perception of race relations. Joseph also touches on the knowledge shared with him about the Fort Lawton Takeover and what…

A photograph of the front entrance to the Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center.

A photograph of the Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center located on Bernie Whitebear Way in Discovery Park, Seattle, Washington.

Excerpt of interview with Joseph Utzler where he describes the racial tension in Seattle at the time of the Fort Lawton Takeover based on his knowledge of the event and from stories passed onto him.

Fort Lawton Designs.jpg
This image shows the drawn up site plan and location plan of Fort Lawton in Seattle, Washington. The accompanying text briefly describes the purpose of the fort and its architectural nature.
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