About the Project

This website is a digital project for my graduate certificate course, Digital Public Humanities, at George Mason University for the HIST 689: Teaching and Learning History in the Digital Age. For more specific information about this website, please to the Introduction section.

This project was inspired by a previous work of mine: Monday Methods | Indigenous Sources: Reconciling apparent contradictions. As a moderator of the largest online public history forum, I’ve had the pleasure to write several featured posts covering research theories and methods, particularly from an Indigenous perspective. Indigenous methodologies is one of the areas I focus on and felt it would make for a great project here.


I’d like to acknowledge my friends and family that contributed feedback to the building of this site. This includes my beloved Hannah and my Mom, Turtle, the two people who are always at my side, even when I’m glued to my work at 4am. My friends and colleagues Jenn Binis, Cassidy Percoco, and Rob Weir who provided timely critique and commentary. Thank you all for your contributions to this project and my life.

About Me

My name is Kyle Pittman. I’m of Nez Perce and Yakama descent and I’m currently a student at George Mason University. While I’m taking this foray into the Digital Humanities, I’ve always considered myself a public historian and educator. My areas of study including American Indian histories, Native American & Indigenous studies, and federal Indian law & policy. You can find my blog here.