Course Information on HIST 694: Digital Public History

This project is the result of my participation in the class "HIST 694: Digital Public History," which is part of the graduate certificate program for Digital Public Humanities at George Mason University. This is a two year program that covers an introduction into Digital Public Humanities, the field of digital public history, and how we can better teaching history in the digital age.

The purpose of this course as outlined in the syllabus was to introduce students "to the theories and methods central to doing digital public history" and to equip us "with the skills necessary to plan and execute your own projects." As such, this course guided students through several stages of development such as content curation, social media strategizing, and project evaluation. This course also looked at the field of public history and how theories and practices associated with this area can be used to facilitate the curation of historical content in a digital format while using digital tools to also make novel interpretations of said content.

Course Information